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Important message from NEBDN


There is an individual who is going under several aliases, ones known to NEBDN are as follows; Crina Ababei Cristina Alexandra Balan Sophia Nastase This individual has absolutely no association with NEBDN, either as a member of staff, an Associate, or as a centre staff member. This individual is operating outside the UK, is not a GDC registrant, and it seems is targeting Romanian Learners in particular. This individual is offering paid-for services and products to Learners which explicitly suggest that she has access to past and future examination questions, OSCE stations, RoE assignments, and inside knowledge of our qualifications. This is all entirely false and we have reported the individual to Action Fraud. We are aware that some Learners are engaging with and paying for these products and services. Unfortunately for a handful of Learners in the April written exam, not only did our invigilation software immediately pick up their attempt to cheat, they also failed the examination based on the answers given to them by this individual. We have also identified Learners who have used plagiarised entries for their RoE, which again were quickly picked up via witnesses, tutors and our Auditors. As you will know, cheating will not be tolerated by NEBDN, and choosing to engage with such services can sadly result in disqualification from the qualification, which of course can affect the Learners employment.

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