Dentrain Professionals Ltd - Equality, Diversity & British Values Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide diversity and equality to all candidates, irrespective of their gender including LGBTQ+, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion or belief, marital status and social class. We oppose all forms of unlawful unfair discrimination.

All candidates, whether part time, full time or temporary, will be treated fairly and equally.

All candidates will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and the talents and resources will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

Our Commitment
Every candidate is entitled to be treated in a way which promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.

The commitment to diversity and equality during the candidates' study period is good management practice and makes sound business sense.

Breaches of our diversity and equality policy will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.

This policy is fully supported by senior staff.

The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.

The Law

This policy will be implemented within the framework of the relevant legislation, which includes:

- Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

- Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (Gender Reassignment Regulations 1999)

- Race Relations Act 1976

- Disability Discrimination Act 1995

- The Protection from Harassment Act 1997

- Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

- Race Relations Act 1976 (Amendment) Regulations 2003

- Disability Discrimination Act 2005


The approach of Dentrain Professionals Ltd to Equal Opportunities is to link staff and student development with organisational development and life-long learning for all.

This policy applies to all staff and learners.  In practice the nature of education, training or development will vary dependent upon the job role and the specific needs of the individual.

We will do our best to ensure you are not discriminated against directly or indirectly because of your gender, race, sexuality, nationality, religious belief, employment status, social class, caste, age, size, health, disability or marital status. 

The aim of Dentrain is to achieve a learning culture where students learn from all experiences positive or negative and achieve personal growth and continuous development through questioning, generating ideas, learning new skills and changing behaviours to enhance their working environments.

Our Pledge to all
Dentrain will ensure that the educational needs of all students are met.

We will continue to develop support systems which may help you overcome difficulties.

What we are doing about Equal Opportunities
Dentrain Professionals will meet your individual needs.

Learning materials will be designed to be free from racist, sexiest and other discriminatory assumptions.

We will seek to provide support for you where difficulties may stop you reaching your potential.

British Values and Safeguarding
Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.

This includes complying with the Equality Act 2010 and preventing discrimination against those with protected characteristics:

- Age

- Disability

- Gender reassignment

- Marriage and civil partnership

- Pregnancy and maternity

- Race

- Religion or belief

- Sex

- Sexual orientation


Behaviour in the workplace

Effective learning takes place in the workplace and classrooms where there is tolerance and mutual respect as set out in the Equality Act and where those with the protected characteristics receive fair treatment, so that all are treated equally.

Dentrain Professionals Ltd has a code of conduct which requires all learners or apprentices to behave with tolerance and mutual respect of others. By maintaining these standards of behaviour in class teachers, lectures and trainers will be promoting British values Commercial success Mutual respect and tolerance are essential to success in the workplace.

If a learner or apprentices don’t show tolerance and mutual respect they will not work effectively with their colleagues and if they have contact with customers or clients they will find an alternative supplier if they are not treated with mutual respect and tolerance. This is an essential part of the training and education which learner or apprentices need to prepare them for the workplace.

The Equality Act of 2010 also requires that no-one in the nine protected groups is discriminated against. There is case law which shows that the Equality Act rights are being enforced against businesses and the public sector.

The promotion of British values is consistent with the values, standards, policies and procedures of the learning organisation itself, since the ways these are implemented are frequently the ways in which Dentrain Professionals Ltd demonstrates in practice its commitment to and delivery of values. Upholding British Values is about everybody accepting their responsibilities to uphold the values and standards which the learning community expects from all its members, insisting on appropriate standards of behaviour, challenging learners when their behaviour falls short of those standards, ensuring that all members of the learning community are safe, encouraging trainees to appreciate the standards expected in their vocational disciplines, to participate in representative structures, to develop employability skills and value difference.

Vocational education and training is more than training in work-specific skills. In its broader sense it is about preparing trainees for their future roles as employees and employers. Dentrain Professionals Ltd learners are aware of the implications of cultural change and religious and non-religious beliefs for the services they will provide.

We deliver a curriculum which prepares learners for employment in vocational disciplines needs to take account of the world in which they will be working. Trainees are not adequately prepared for work in a pluralist society, if they are not aware of the implications of culture, faith and belief for the services they will provide for customers and the teams in which they will work.

Dentrain Professionals Ltd recognises ensuring the delivery of these elements of the training curriculum and ensure that values are fully integrated into their provision.

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