COVID-19: Information For Our Learners

Information For Learners

Our centre may be closed, although our staff are committed to working behind the scenes to ensure you are still able to progress.




Q. What should I be doing to support my progression?

A. As General Dental Practices are now closed for triage only, The National Examination Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) have provided guidance and have extended the deadline for all record of experiences to be completed to the examination dates. We will continue to liaise with the NEBDN and Tutors will update learners individually. You will have been provided with a module workbook for the theory part of the qualification. As our NEBDN qualifications are delivered on a correspondence basis, your tutors are still available for your support as before. It is important to continue with the theory part of the qualification and continue to submit mock examinations and assessments to your Tutor to aid with your learning and progression.  

Q. What work will I need to complete for my progression?

A. Firstly you will be required to complete the work set by your Tutor. It is important that you engage with your Tutor if you need additional help and guidance.

Apprenticeship Learners

All our current apprentices will be receiving regular communication via emails, text message or telephone and from your Work Based Assessor. Please keep checking your email, OneFile Messages and our social media platforms for portfolio work and regular updates. Our Assessor will continue to send updates from the relevant bodies as we receive them.

If you have any concerns about your employment, please contact your Assessor who will be available for your support. Please be assured we are continually working to support each and every one of you, so please so get in touch if you need any further information.

We want you to know that we are here for your support during this time of uncertainty whether it be providing you with advice with regards to your workplace situation, with your learning or in general your wellbeing. All staff at Dentrain Professionals Ltd have an open door policy and are here to support you.

As mentioned previously we aim for you to continue with your learning, given the qualification is more than 60% knowledge based this is more than doable however for us to be able to keep you on programme we need you to stay committed to completing the assessments and assessment plans set by your Assessor with continuous communication.

Any learner due to undertake an exam on or before 20th April 2020 will have received individual communications, highlighting examinations are postponed until further notice.

We understand you will most likely have begun preparing and have worked hard to achieve success but the health, wellbeing and safety of all of our learners, staff and their loved ones is our main priority at this time, as we operate in accordance with Government advice.


 As many practices are closing and allowing staff to furlough this allows your course to continue. As you are still employed at the practice the time spent at home paid should be used as study time as your course is still being funded from the government. Having discussed this with the majority of learner’s employers they have also agreed that this time should be used to progress with the underpinning knowledge part of the Apprenticeship.


This will not affect everyone, and you will be directed direct from your employer! In the latest publications it has been noted that redeployment is on a voluntary basis.

Many of you may have heard Dental Practices have had the option where they receive NHS contracts and payments to redeploy staff to the NHS to help with the COVID-19 response. Although this may seem daunting we hope you see this as an opportunity to expand and develop on your current skills and your everyday employment will be waiting for you once the COVID-19 response has settled.

NHS England have published a document giving further advice of what role could be carried out given your scope of practice within the hospitals. Please look for the area where Dental Nurse is mentioned and not General Dental Practitioner/Dentist. If you have any questions please do get in touch with your employer or Assessor.

For those who will be working in a hospital setting you will continue to carry out much of the role as you do on a day to day basis although you will also be learning new skills. We will be asking for anyone who is being redeployed to write in their journal on onefile once per week new skills that have been learnt in relation to communicating with patients and other members of the team whether it be face to face or electronic along with new health and safety and cross infection control measures.

We have sent an email to employers to advise and recommend that one day per week is given for study from home to account for your 20% off the job which should also be recorded on your timesheet on onefile.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, you can contact your Assessor or contact us at:



Tel: 01204 528652

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