Dentrain Professionals Ltd - Complaints Policy & Procedure

1. Our Commitment to Candidates

1.1 We aim to ensure that:
- Making a complaint is as easy as possible
- We treat your complaint seriously
- We deal with your complaint promptly and in confidence
- We learn from complaints and use them to review and improve our service


2. A complaint can be received in the following format:


2.1 Complaint should be addressed to Zoe Gee

By e-mail to

In writing to:
Dentrain Professionals Ltd
Bridge Place, Rear of Bridge Street

By phone on 01204 528652


3. Procedure


3.1 We will investigate the complaint within 5 working days of the initially receipt.


3.2 We will action the complaint within 10 working days of the receipt of the issue.

3.3. We will respond within 14 working days from the initial complaint.


3.4 All complaints must be documented in the complaints log.

3.5 In this first instance, try to settle the complaint informally.


3.6 If after this, the complaint is still unresolved: you may raise your complaint with us, remembering to send copies of all correspondence relating to your complaint. Please ensure you provide us with any relevant information, your date of birth and the details of place of work.


3.7 You must give the reasons for your complaint clearly, with the main areas of concerns set out and supported by examples.


3.8 If the complaint is about inspection judgements, it should include evidence that was available that you believe has not been taken into account.


3.9 You can expect to receive an acknowledgement to an email within 5 working days or in the case of a letter, an acknowledgment will be sent within 10 working days.


3.10 Complaints could be about one of our tutors; our regulatory work; our administrative processes, for example processing of your application or a telephone conversation you have had with us; a report; the conduct of our staff; actions of a tutor you are unhappy with or a combination of these.


3.11 You may make a complaint up to 30 calendar days from the incident or date a report is published – or 30 days from the end of the inspection/visit where there is no report. Where there is good reason, we may look at complaints up to three calendar months from the complaint.


3.12 If you decide to start legal proceedings against us while we are considering a complaint, we will reserve the right to suspend the complaints procedure, to avoid any confusion about the process to be followed.


3.13 The complaint co-ordinator, Zoe Gee, will assess your complaint and decide who will carry out the investigation.


3.14 Investigating officers will have had no prior involvement in the inspection that is the subject of the complaint.

3.15 We will try to contact you by telephone to discuss your complaint. The purpose of this call will be to clarify the issues you have raised, including whether the complaint is about judgement, conduct or maladministration. We will also seek to ensure that as far as possible there is sufficient evidence available to support a full investigation of your complaint. The telephone call will not be used to attempt to mediate or agree an outcome in respect of any aspects of a complaint. We will make a record of the initial telephone call and include a summary of the issues discuss and agreed in the final outcome letter.


3.16 The complaint will be resolved or an outlined course of action will be sent to you within 10 working days.


3.17 We will reply in writing and ensure that the outcome letter is sufficiently detailed to provide a substantive response to all aspects raised in your complaint. We will try to answer all of your concerns as quickly as possible, within 14 days from the day following the telephone discussion.


3.18 We will ensure that the response provides a clear conclusion in terms of whether an aspect of a complaint has been upheld or not upheld. However where evidence is inconclusive, for example, if there is a difference of opinion which cannot reasonably be resolved through independent corroboration, the no conclusion will be drawn and the outcome will be recorded as ‘no decision could be reached’.

3.19 Where this occurs, we will give a full explanation of why a conclusion cannot be reached. Where your complaint is about a judgement, our response to you will be moderate by an independent panel who have had no prior dealing with either the inspection or the complaint investigation. This is to ensure that our response is objective and thorough. 

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